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When we grow old…

I hope I would still be playing the fool
To bring a smile on your lips.
I wish the twinkle in your eyes
Would still say, “You are hopeless!”
I wish you would get as angry
With me, years from now,
As you do today. I hope
I would still have to say sorry then.
I hope I would still feel lonely
In a crowd, and would wait for you
To come and fill the room. I hope
You would search for me, even then.
I wish to annoy you, always,
And not tell you that you are lovely.
I hope you would still say, “I wish
You would talk some sense, someday!”
I wish you would always remain
As scatterbrained, as confused
As you are today. I hope you would
Still love me and not grow wiser then.
I wish to travel the world and click
Thousands of close-ups of you.
I hope I would still forget
To capture the scenery, then.
I wish we will have lots of success
And the world will be in our feet.
I hope you would still believe
In these day-dreams of ours, then.
I hope I would still be writing
These corny, adolescent poems
That no one reads, except you. I wish
You would still believe in them, then.

Let my eyes be your mirror

You stand before the mirror
Making faces at it, as I watch you
Hiding yourself, beneath
The layers of makeup.
Next, you struggle to choose
Between the two dresses.
You spend hours, deciding
On just the right shade.
Hours later, the room’s a mess;
Lots of dresses, cosmetics,
And accessories lie littered
Like bodies in a battlefield.
My blank look is misleading.
It wants to say, that you look
Just as heavenly, as bewitching
As you did hours ago.
I know you would not believe me
If I tell you that you looked
As perfect without the mascara
Or the lipstick, or the trinkets.
It would be futile to tell you
That God has already chiseled
Your cheeks, your lips, your chin
To perfection.
That no amount of heady perfumes
Or gold or gems, can add luster
To your charms, or make you
More angelic than you are.
Now see, you wasted hours
Trying to improve upon perfection.
If only you had looked in my eyes
You would have known the truth.

The bangles

These bangles match your dress
I selected them for you carefully,
These red and blue orbs are delicate,
Take care, put them on gently.
My heart is of flesh and blood –
It is used to your cruelty,
But these bangles that I got
Are my dreams, they break easily.
Your bangles glitter and shine –
They compliment you beautifully,
You look innocent and frail
They mask your nature completely.
As the bangles catch the sunlight
They sparkle and look lovely;
Dressed in your beauty, you smile
You look unattainable, heavenly.
Though you don’t like the bangles now
Do not throw them away disdainfully,
Years from now, they will remind you
Of your beauty, of my loyalty.
Some old letters and the bangles
That you had kept away secretly –
Do you still open that box,
Whenever you are lonely?

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