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The most clear, honest elections ever

This election has not been like any other in the living memory (my memory, obviously).

It is the bitter fight, with no clear favorites, that is usually the most absorbing. However, even though this one is a pretty one-sided contest (- with a clear Modi wave, a clear prime minister, a coalition government with a predominant party which clearly does not need allies, but will keep them along because of its large heartedness etc etc –) it is turning out to be like no other, as I said, in my memory.

The trailer to Polls-2014 was launched in December 2013 itself. BJP won three states, and was the single largest party in the fourth. The party that was supposed to win just 6 seats, spoilt the party, grabbing 28 and prevented a well-deserved clean sweep. And the party ‘was’ spoilt – there is no doubting that. Left a bitter taste, that result from the capital did.

But what it also did was to alert the rightful winners – that to ensure there is no slip between the cup and the lip, bitterness has to be sustained and kept alive in the hearts of the bhaktas. Only then will the poor sods be in the fighting fit mode, only then will the work be completed satisfactorily and appropriate result achieved. And so, although it is a clear, one-sided election, a pretense of a fight has to be kept up till the last round of voting. After which date, exit polls and celebrations can be uncorked.

The election has been good for the economy. It has generated lots and lots of temporary rural employment. For many, elections have been a boon – two square meals a day and some spirit to keep the spirit up. Election has recycled lot of black money in the system – not a mean achievement. Huge amount of ‘foreign’ investment into the election has ensured that the rupee, that was wobbling against the dollar, gained strength. There is an all-round cheer in the corporate board-rooms. District maps are being dusted and laid on the tables again for carving up the wastelands for development – something that will be a boon for a lot of God forsaken places in the country.

But the best aspect of the elections this time round has been the truthfulness of the campaigns. We are witnessing clear statement of priorities that will ensure there are no heartburns after the elections. It has been clarified, for example, who will, and who will not, get irrigation or drinking water, and why. It is probably only for the good that people are wearing their caste, religious, regional loyalties on their sleeves. No point in hypocrisy and pseudo talk – an unbecoming coyness that has dragged the country down since time immemorial.

And that reminds me of the foreign policy stance of the main parties. For the Jonny-come-late-lies, foreign does not exist. For the spent force parites, ‘foreign’ is an un-parliamentary word. But the rightful winners are clear in their focus – a potential superpower must behave accordingly – it must be muscular and imperial – or else it will not be taken seriously. They have made it clear – neighbours should not throw their weight about – the pecking order of the business of weight-throwing will be made amply clear by them once they start the serious business of ruling the great nation.

All in all, this one has been one of the most honest, clear and non-partisan election I ever witnessed. The coronation will be sometime in the last week of May, but the party will start on the 16th. Keep yourself free for the happy occasion.



Modern Parables-1: The elections

The annual election for the Presidency was around the corner and the incumbent, Mr Lion was in a bit of a bother. His ratings were rock-bottom. His speech on protecting the jungle from the outsiders was booed – the ‘foreign hand’ bogey was not working this time.

The fox had propped up Mr Monkey in a straight contest. Monkey’s plank of better internal security and law and order had hit the popular mood.

Lion decided to have a word with the fox.

‘You have shifted your loyalties, foxy,’ observed the lion coldly when they met one night.

‘Umm no. I believe in the need for a better deal for the animals…’ said the fox, but was cut short.

‘Cut the crap,’ snarled the lion, ‘what do you want, name your price.’

The fox thought for a while. ‘I am all for development. If you could just stay off the north of the country, the humans can mine the area for coal and uranium. They offer a good deal.’

The lion asked for details, and the more he heard about it, the more he liked it.

Soon the fox switched sides; the lion got a new manifesto printed, promising economic development.

In a close contest, the lion won another term in office. The northern parts of the country were made out-of-bounds for the animals. They were told big projects need long gestation periods, and that some sacrifices have to be made for a better future.

Moral (If there is any left): Dreams work well with democracy.


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