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The ‘Cosmo’ dream

Get the perfect brow for your face
Flatten your belly, have the curves;
The hottest tips for the new season-
Get the glittering stones
And the perfect nose.
What else is there
What can be better,
Than a Cosmo dream.
Thousands of desires
In three hundred pages!
L’oreal, Garnier, Chanel,
Tissot, Swatch, Mango, Zara,
The pantheon, the touchstone.
Each desire carefully chiseled, carefully styled,
Each dream, worthy to die for-
That’s the package, that’s the promise.
How many, if any,
Can have the Cosmo look?
At what cost, the Cosmo life?
The Cosmo dream sells for a few dollars-
(It can be had for free on internet);
But the Cosmo life does not come cheap-
The merchants will mail the cost
Of the Cosmo look, on request.
Forget the tycoons,
And their mansions, and their yachts
That are featured lovingly here-
The Cosmo dream is meant for you.
The masthead does not say-
‘Cheat, steal, exploit.’ It does not tell
How to fund your dream;
It just says, ‘The best you can be.’
No crease, no wrinkles, no tears, no doubts,
Organic food for breakfast, with honey,
Holiday with the monks in Tibet,
Opera in the evening, in Rome
Choppers and Lamborghini
Mansion in the Alps, and New Zealand-
Would it not be plain silly,
Not to dream the Cosmo dream?

Dead dreams come back to haunt

The dreams of the youth often
Come back to haunt, years later,
Sullen, deformed, bitter.
You cannot placate dead dreams
With fresh promises.
They are here only for revenge.
Revenge, for leaving them behind,
For abandoning them,
When they were innocent and trusting.
Revenge, for years of bitterness,
For the knowledge that time
Cannot be rolled back, or wrongs undone.
Revenge, for your not having tired hard enough.
For getting taken in, for having surrendered
Before the dreams of others.
Dead dreams sit at the dinner table
And refuse to eat. They accuse
With their silence, they remind with their absence.
Dead dreams have the stench
Of rotting flowers, of decaying leaves.
They are the plants you forgot to tend.
You ask the dreams, to placate them,
Whether time can be turned back. They ask, bitter,
‘Would you choose different this time, if it could?’
Do not give birth to dreams
If you cannot rear them, cuddle them,
And be led by them around the park.
Do not promise loyalty to dreams-
Be brutal, right at the start.
Tell them to find a more worthy heart.
But if you can, do listen to the dreams
While they, and you, are young.
They come back to haunt, if they die young.

The dreamland

He plucked the small yellow-red flowers
And kept them in his secret world, where
The flowers do not age or wrinkle; where
They do not lose their fragrance or die.
He stole some stars that twinkle
Even in the day. It is always sunny
In his world. He sometimes puts up
Rainbows and fluffy clouds that sprinkle colors.
He has painted his world in bright colors.
He has made garlands of sweet words
And decorated them on fancy trees; he has even
Conjured up angels and fairies to sing his songs.
He finds the noise of the real world jarring.
The colors here are too gloomy, he says.
He sees only dead leaves in gardens –
The stench of hate and greed disturbs him.
He does not know why people laugh at him
Or call him crazy; he knows not why
He should believe that the real world
Is more real than his dreamland.
He does not care if people are bothered
That he smiles for no reason at all.
His dreamland is the only thing he has now
It is a better place than what he ever had.

Catch the stars, while you can

It is easy to catch the stars
When you are young. There is
A secret spring in your feet that helps
You jump to the sky and catch
The stars before they blink.
You can play with dreams
While you are young. Dreams
Like to run around, all over the place
And make noises. Dreams also like
To play catch me if you can.
You can sit on a rainbow and watch
The city, when you are young. Rainbows
Are delicate and support the weight
Of small children only. You can throw
Colors at the city, while you are up there.
You can build sturdy paper boats
Only when you are young. These boats
Can travel on the streets or in the drains
They can become warships or pirate boats –
They just like to sail – they are not fussy.
You can be friends with the evening
When you are young. This old man
Likes to walk slowly in the park, and tell
Horror stories about the night.
He knows many fairies and witches too.
You can get gifts from Santa
Only when you are young. Santa
Is shy – he casts spells on the parents
Who see him, making them forget.
Santa knows a lot of magic, you know.
You can easily conquer the world
While you are young. The world
Does not mind being conquered
By love. It only needs innocence
To bring the world on its knees.

Dreams don’t die

Dreams don’t die.
They wait like white fairies,
In the parks that we do not visit any longer.


They wait like the old women in the corner,
For a kind word, or for death.


They wait like old pets left on the roadside,
For the joke to end, for the car to return.


They wait for the night,
When we are young at heart, and want to play again.


Dreams don’t die,
Or commit suicide, or are murdered.
They wait for us to dream them again.

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