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The valley of flowers

Valley of Flowers The lonely valley
Was bathed in a riot of colors
Just after the rains.
The flowers bloom,
After the rains, every year,
In this desolate land.
The dance of beauty
The colors and fragrance
Are for the bees and the moths.
I gasped –
‘Such a waste
Of beauty!’
A little yellow flower
‘Was the world created,
Do the flowers bloom,
Do the peacocks dance,
Do the rainbows happen,
Do the stars twinkle,
Do the waves splash
For you?’
I returned
From the valley of flowers,
Lonely and silent.

((The valley of flowers is in the North Indian state of Uttaranchal in the Himalayas.))


Awesome nature: Kandy, Sri Lanka

Natural beauty of Kandy, Sri Lanka lies in its greenery. The trees of Royal Botanical Garden and the winding, snaking roads lined with awesome trees makes the place a photographer’s delight.

Some of the pics here were taken from the car – since the scenes were too tempting to ignore. Imagine what one can get if one goes with a dedicated mission of capturing all of its beauty!!!
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The Missing Poets

All the poets have disappeared
Behind the glistening glass buildings-
Making brochures
Of rare beauty.
Beyond the hills and the lakes,
Beyond the daffodil farms,
Some say, minstrels still sing
Ballads of heroes
Who fought for love,
And of heroines
Who priced their honor
Above their lives.
But that is not true.
Beyond the fields and the hills
Are the resorts
Where the waiters wait,
Upon the tables,
And think, vaguely,
Of the ballads they had heard
Long ago, in their childhood.

Palms and Beaches of Colombo

A confession….these pics are taken from a mobile 😦

But do not let that deter you from taking a look…it takes away nothing from the sheer beauty of the beaches of Colombo – Negombo and Mt Lavina – captured in these pics. Capturing the natural beauty of a beach and the palms is perhaps the second easiest thing to do…the first being capturing the beauty of the hills and the pines 🙂

Another food for thought…how long will it take for mobile phone to catch up to professional cameras?

The ‘Cosmo’ dream

Get the perfect brow for your face
Flatten your belly, have the curves;
The hottest tips for the new season-
Get the glittering stones
And the perfect nose.
What else is there
What can be better,
Than a Cosmo dream.
Thousands of desires
In three hundred pages!
L’oreal, Garnier, Chanel,
Tissot, Swatch, Mango, Zara,
The pantheon, the touchstone.
Each desire carefully chiseled, carefully styled,
Each dream, worthy to die for-
That’s the package, that’s the promise.
How many, if any,
Can have the Cosmo look?
At what cost, the Cosmo life?
The Cosmo dream sells for a few dollars-
(It can be had for free on internet);
But the Cosmo life does not come cheap-
The merchants will mail the cost
Of the Cosmo look, on request.
Forget the tycoons,
And their mansions, and their yachts
That are featured lovingly here-
The Cosmo dream is meant for you.
The masthead does not say-
‘Cheat, steal, exploit.’ It does not tell
How to fund your dream;
It just says, ‘The best you can be.’
No crease, no wrinkles, no tears, no doubts,
Organic food for breakfast, with honey,
Holiday with the monks in Tibet,
Opera in the evening, in Rome
Choppers and Lamborghini
Mansion in the Alps, and New Zealand-
Would it not be plain silly,
Not to dream the Cosmo dream?

The bud

I saw a bud today,
A pink bud, with red edges,
With dew drops clinging to it
The way babies cling to their mothers.
The soft spray rains
And the cool breeze after a long summer
May have crazed me a bit, but I swear,
It was the prettiest sight I have seen.
My mind rushed to get the camera –
Such beauty must not be wasted.
But then, I thought, what camera can capture,
The intoxicating fragrance, the charm of the woods.
A poem would better convey
The pure joy of the moment.
I searched for the right words-
Words that are fresh and young and guileless.
But there are no words for
A pink that is not pink, nor reddish;
There can be no sane expression that says-
‘The bud looked innocent and happy.’
Leave the bud alone,
I told myself with a sigh; feel blessed
That you have the soul, at least,
That can hear the twitter of a bud.

A morning in the garden

The sound of the twinkling stars,
Just before they disappear
Behind the blue blanket
Thrown over the sky by the sun,
Ushers the morning in.
The smell of the morning dew,
On the grass, brings back memories
Long forgotten, of times
When we were hardly taller
Than the grass.
As the music glides by, languidly,
Some notes get stuck
To the branches
Of the old oak tree,
Like snowflakes.
The white duck in the pond
Is surprised
By a small cloud of music –
It changes its direction, fluidly,
Like a ballerina.
The colors splashed
All over the sky
By the careless sun,
Smear the clouds
With orange and red.
The playful mood
Of the morning lasts
Till it is time
To get down to settle
The serious business of the day.

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