A long wait

In the death clutch of life
Hating love with all tenderness
Defying reason with passion
I live on.
Imprisoned within my ‘self’,
But free from loyalty or location
Driven, greedy, insecure,
I live on.
Waiting for the ‘sign’
And doubting reality
With the devotion of a fanatic,
I live on.
Never letting a moment
To linger long in memory; filling
The void with phantasms
I live on.
Brutally banishing beauty
And rain and rainbows;
Embracing the scorching desert sand
I live on.
All dawns are the same
All nights imposters –
Waiting for the true morn,
I live on.

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I will let the blog speak for itself...or, at times, for me. View all posts by Abhishek

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