I wish I were

I wish I was
Substantial, material
Solid, tangible…
Someone I could understand
Relate to, or
I wish I was
Talented, or a duffer,
Rich, or poor,
Handsome, or ugly,
Brave, or a coward,
Successful, or a looser,
A leader, or led…
Or had any quality
That can be safely attributed
To what I call
I keep seeing
Different people
In the mirror – faces
That keep making faces.
I know for sure, I am not
The image that stares back
Like an actor
That forgot his lines.
The exact point in the universe
Where I seem to be,
Never leaves me;
I wish I knew
If this coordinate
Is a mathematical abstraction
To prove to someone a point, or,
A myth
Or my hallucination.
I only know this for sure,
Nothing exists in the vacuum,
Nothing that is substantial
Or unchanging,
In the space
That I call

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