Doomday: The governments have let us down on this emotional day

False_AlarmIt saddens me to see the lukewarm response to Doomsday by authorities around the world. One would have expected declaration of public holidays, advances and gifts to public, say, in form of announcements of tax holidays, or any other gesture that would have shown that our governments were concerned about our existence. But no. Not a finger was raised by them to mark what we all knew to be the only possible day when a spectacular end might come.

That the world did not end, and will not end so soon, is not the point. What matters is the gesture, the show of empathy towards citizens, which was, as I said, totally missing.

Here is a list of people who really let the world down on 21st December 2012 – let it be on record for ever:

  1. The national governments. The politicians respond to all silly emotions of every little group or vote-banks. But where all humanity was involved, what did they do? Nothing. Not a whimper of ‘See you there’, ‘Hope you reach heaven safely’, ‘Happy after-life’ or any such message came from any PM or Prez. What faith will I now have in their Happy Christmas and Happy New Year messages now?
  2. The United Nations. What is the UN there for? Beats me. Created after the World War to see to it that the world is safe and united, the body does bloody nothing when there is a possibility of a crisis. It behaved exactly how it is shown to behave in all Hollywood apocalypse movies – with total apathy. Again, it is no use arguing that they did not believe in the prophesy. The entire point is, and I will repeat that any number of times, to show solidarity, and not to do anything. In any case, had a real calamity stuck mankind, UN would have been the last agency to be able to do anything about it.
  3. The US president. Shedding croc tears on the mass killings in a school, and not doing anything about the gun laws is about as much as the guy can do. What was he expecting – if the world had ended, was he planning to shed tears after the event? In heaven? I believe a short statement assuring the Americans that he will be with them when the world ends, would have been in correct taste.
  4. The celebrities and the rock stars. Although the end of the world would have hurt the prospects of the page 3 crowd much more than the others, given the fact that this sad lot would have ended up in hell, it is still no excuse for not planning an apocalypse road-show or concert. At least such a concert would have helped us thank destiny for saving us from the celebs.
  5. NASA. For the last few days NASA is basking in undeserved glory, issuing statements running down the prophets of doom. So much of free publicity that body got, and not a sign of thankfulness. It can still issue a gentle reminder that all hope/nightmare is not lost and that the world still sits on nuclear stockpiles, rising temperatures, climate imbalances and acute inequalities – any of which can prove fatal for the blue planet any time.

Anyway, the world has become immune to the insensitivity of the governments and spouses. In the morning it was breakfast as usual, and not ‘Love, let us have something special today, for it might be our last day together.’ Not in the sense of celebration, let me correct the notion, but in a sensitive, emotional sort of way.

What we can do is celebrate another long stretch of modern living that we are doomed to have, by passing snide comments and berating our pet hates. Which, alert readers would have noticed, is what I just did in this article. I feel much lighter. It’s your turn now.


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