Doomsday: The endgame

With great expectations, or let us say, apprehension (for we must be politically correct at all times) the world approaches an important date – 21st December 2012. Not only is the reputation of Mayan calendar makers at stake, the credibility of the entire astrology-soothsayer-spiritual-celebrity complex is under the spotlight. They have thrown their weight behind the doomsday, and would rather die than see it fail.

Everyone is suspicious of the solar system, but I wonder why. It has served us well during our short history. It has been around for millions of years, and yet, many of us feel it is unstable and will spring a surprise on us one of these days. On 21st of this month, for instance.

Some speak of mysterious planet/s, some of solar flares. No one really believes the gobbledygook of the astrophysicists and scientists, who, frankly, believe in nothing. No one trusts their multi-million dollar telescopes. They may claim to see galaxies billions of light years away with their telescopes and by calculating the red-shifts and what not, but we feel they are most likely to miss planets in our neighborhood.

Our suspicion also falls on the earth’s crust, and its faults. It has the ability to conjure up quakes and tsunamis at will, and behaves like a spoilt child at times. But does it have the firepower to totally self-destruct?

I personally feel we humans possess the power to cause a lot of damage to ourselves. But are we on a verge of collective madness?

Disease and pestilence, those biblical scourges, also operate pretty effectively in short run. Before it is tamed, an infectious germ can cause a lot of damage. Diseases are not glamorous, and definitely not Hollywood material, but you never know with medical science. People never really had too much faith in the doctors knowing much – and it is not surprising that most people now rely on google for diagnosis. The point is, that if a sudden and new strain of viral/bacterial infection starts to afflict the world, the doctors and the patients would waste their time googling for cure, and by the time the authorities get down to funding the actual research, it might be too late.

But UFOs are the most likely agents for an unlikely end, in my humble opinion. Consider the facts- aliens do not love us, and may have extraordinary weapons. They may even want to clear the planet for occupation, like some people did with the red-Indians.

And when I say facts, I mean facts. Can anyone seriously say aliens love us? Even if you disregard movies like ‘Aliens’, in which we can clearly see them exhibiting a great degree of hostility against us, do you have any proof that they love us? If they did, would they not have extended a hand of friendship? Would they not be watching our movies and complaining that they are not as bad as they are shown in the movies?

No, I must say it like it is – the aliens do not have our best interests in their hearts, and can cause mischief on 21st December. In fact that was the intelligence that the Mayan Secret Service must have gathered, and that is where we must guard ourselves.

So, let us take out our tents, and our binoculars, and our shotguns. And let us light a fire, and have some coffee and wait for the @#$%^&. And yes, I almost forgot, since we will be on a vigil to save the world, let us apply for a holiday for the rest of the month.


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