Will someone please rescue the Sun?

The Sun has got entangled in the thorns.
The shadows of the branches
Stride the land
The thorns are ripping the Sun.
Soiled by the smog, ruined by the rains,
The Sun looks
Like an old, forgotten kite.
The long shadows of the grey branches
Merge with those of the tall, glittering buildings.
No one has the time
To notice the embrace.
The world is becoming grey;
The Sun is fast losing its will to fight.
It is time someone took notice
And rescued the Sun.
The people who pass by the entangled Sun
In their SUVs, look at their watches
And worry
About their coffee dates.
Meanwhile, the vultures sit
On dried branches, biding their time.
Hopefully someone will rescue the Sun,
Before it is too late.

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