Awaiting the judgment day

It has been raining embers.
Men collect the burning drops
To make garlands
To offer to their Gods.
The angry sky spits fire.
The burning roof
Reminds the older children
Of bonfire, and Christmas.
The blood red sky is unforgiving.
No one remembers who committed the sins
That Gods counted and collected
In their silver cauldrons.
Earth hurtles towards the Sun
Eager for a fiery embrace.
Painted men dance with glee
Celebrating their misery.
Children have stopped crying-
They are born numb.
The birds too have learnt
To crow and screech.
The seas are boiling hot
The fish jump out in agony
And call the fishermen
For redemption.
The rust brown leaves
Have swiveled into thorns.
The land, where once grass grew,
Is being dug for making the graves.
Hope and wishes and prayers
Are for happy times.
For now, keep your smiles and tears hidden-
In wooden boxes.

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