The timid satirist

I shall write satire
When I am old –
I shall die laughing
(Die, as in after-life.)
I shall write honestly, for once,
About the men who used my money
To pay the police
Keep an eye on me;
And about those who smiled politely
When I bowed;
And of those who had the slyness to make it
And could fake greatness to perfection,
Most of the times,
And of their gracelessness,
When caught.
I shall not write about God –
He has been kind, most of the times,
And also because, to be honest,
I know not where I may land up.
I shall write about the gas
That fills up in the tummy
(And helps you fly high)
When you have too much money or education,
And of other ailments
That afflict the poor
And makes them drunk and indolent and smelly.
I shall spare no one
And, shall let myself go.
I know I shall have no one near
To pry into my thoughts
(I am that sort of guy)
And I won’t care
What they do with my diary
After me.

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