The universe has space enough

The universe has space enough
For all your Gods.
Do not sit on your haunches
To pray to the Gods
That you meet on the way-
Bow before them,
And move on
To more miracles
That your eyes
May be permitted to see.
There is no method
No madness, no logic,
No map, no destination-
Move, till your legs ache
Till your heart beats.
Do not expect the time to end
Or the universe
To have a boundary.
Do not expect knowledge
To be final
Or unchanging.
Do not let the blinding illumination
Deter you
From travelling towards light.
In the ever expanding universe
The truths of today
Can become myth of history
In an instant.
You never know
When the time will reverse
Its march,
And move away
From wherever it was going –
Be ready, always,
To unlearn all your beliefs
And knowledge
And wisdom –
And remember,
The universe has space enough,
For all your Gods.

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