The irrelevant moment

The waves have been crashing
Against these rocks
For ages.
The Sun sets here, dutifully,
Every day,
Ignoring the smiles
Of the lovers-
Or their tears.
You sit on the sand
Hand in hand with your lover,
Sipping juice, wondering,
Where these particles of sand
Fit into the larger scheme of things.
The waves, the wind, the sand,
The passage of time,
Turns your thoughts
To mysteries of nature,
And of God.
Arnold, at the Dover beach,
And Sophocles at the Aegean sea,
And many others, before and since,
Have heard the rumble of time
On these beaches.
Avoid the beach at dusk;
Avoid sitting under the orange sky
Holding the hands of your lover.
For the waves are marking
The passage of time-
And their incessant rhythm
Are trying to warn you
Of the irrelevance
Of this moment.

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