A house for rent



The old smiling landlady
Slowly opens the rusted locks
And gropes for the electric switches.
The dust covered bulb
Blinks and coughs and gives out
A yellowing light, that refuses to light the hall.
“This hall was used to hold parties-
But you would need lots of furniture
To fill it up again,” says the lady, apologetically.
Room after room she took us
Though she knew all along
That the place was not livable any more.
“This is the bath. We had a tub here.
The kids refused to come out of it for hours –
I always had to drag them away,” she tells us, for we listen.
Each door resist opening,
Each lizard, each pigeon resent the intrusion.
Carefully, the landlady shows the house, lifting the layers of age.
“I have children your age. They no longer live here.
You need an apartment, not this house,
It needs an army to run,” she says, softly.
We finally walk off, resisting the temptation
To turn back and look again,
At an age long past, at the caretaker of memories.



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