Ludo is not life – do not let them tell you otherwise.

I have heard them say
Ludo is like life –

‘When the game begins,
You wait for luck
To give you a start,
There are twists and turns,
And the need for strategies
To send rivals back to the barracks,
And there is the dice,
To which you pray
On every throw,
And there is an end,
Where you win or lose.’

But life is not like that,
Do not let them tell you otherwise-
The difference
Lies in the way
The game of life ends.

There is no report card
Or a podium finish,
Or a flourish and a handshake-
The end has nothing to do
With the throw of the dice,
Or your strategems.
Life does not finish
With a win or even a loss-
It just ends
In oblivion.


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