A life not lived/The straw hut (A two-in-one poem)

‘What is the wildest thing
That you have done?’
You do not question,
you accuse.
You seek to expose
a life not lived.
I confess:
Of the many wild things dreamt
And the many planned,
Alone or with you
None have been done, yet.
The tame indiscretions
And the minor misdemeanors
Will never withstand the scrutiny
Of your expectations.
The years spent
In building the home,
Straw by straw,
And in protecting it
From the sandstorms
And the rains-
Were they really
Such a waste of life?
The fragile straw hut
(Though beautiful)
I can destroy in a moment,
By pulling at the straws-
Or by making
A glorious bonfire.
Would that be wild enough?
Would the glow of the moment last?
Would that redeem me
In your eyes?
Would you approve?

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