The fake smile

‘Buy a plastic smile,
Get a twinkle in the eye free.’
The ad attracted me
And I read further.
‘Those with natural fake smiles
Have an advantage over you.
Try our fake smile set
For fifteen days
For free.’
This looked promising,
And I asked for a brochure.
‘The fake smile, pasted on the lips
Shall lie dormant- it will be switched on,
Automatically, and will be a mask,
When you have rage
Or jealousy or hurt or greed or lust
Or desire for revenge in your heart.’
This looked good. In the shop,
I asked the salesman for details.
“Sir, this revolutionary product,
Or should I say evolutionary,
Gives you an advantage
At your weakest moments.
Have you never been cheated
By a fake smile?
Did you never wish
You were not so transparent?”
I nodded, for I am a loser-
I do not have a smile
That hides my anger at being wronged
I cannot hide the feelings
Mentioned in the brochure.
The salesman continued:
“We have sold thousands of smiles-
All our customers are satisfied.
Our product spreads cheer and goodwill-
It is the invention of the century.”
I noticed his smile:
It looked, well, different.
It looked very much like the smiles
That I see more and more of, these days.
I got the smile fitted-
It works as well as they say.
I am free now, to hate and plot
From behind my plastic smile.

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