Posthumous fame

I aim for posthumous fame:
Let me show you some of the merits
Of the scheme.
The fame shall come soon enough
(Assuming it does)
And lasts longer.
And if and when it does come
You will not have to
Live up to the expectations.
You will be saved the jealousies,
And you will not have to
Suffer the bitching critics.
‘I told you I will make it one day,’
Though unsaid, shall haunt
Those you leave behind.
The success shall be pure, unsullied
By greed or desire: it shall be
On merit alone.
No applying, no groveling, no rejections;
And no bagful of silver will ever
Drown your voice.
The editors shall wring their hands in frustration-
No one can ask you to change
The last chapter, the last verse.
And, herein lies the beauty of the scheme,
If the fame does not come,
It shall not matter.

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