Choose the right nonsense

Nonsense should be pure
Unalloyed, unpretentious.
It should be honest
It should relieve the soul of its sorrow
And be the language of the underdog
And be subversive;
It should be the vulgar laughter
At the naked emperor;
It should be mad hatter’s tea party
That we all attended when young;
It should be PG Wodehouse and Edward Lear;
It should be found in the books
That are issued most times
In any library.
Beware of the nonsense
That is hidden behind statistics
And jargon and experts’ opinion
And in the intellectual humbug
Of those who attended the university;
Such nonsense is dangerous,
It has to be exposed, everytime,
Before it does any damage
Before it is too late.
When you have to choose
Between the two, I suggest,
Go for pure nonsense-
And the world may yet be saved
Much misery.

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