No place for strangers

Wrong color, wrong size, wrong features
No, no, no!
This is no place for strangers, my friend.
Wrong thought, wrong word, wrong move
Can hurt!
Be careful whom you trust, my friend.
Wrong world, wrong time, wrong attitude
Adapt or leave!
We live in packs, in clans, my friend.
Wrong education, wrong books, wrong arguments
Do not work here!
We have all the knowledge we need, my friend.
Wrong painting, wrong cartoon, wrong song
You offend so!
Be sensitive to our sensibilities, my friend.
Wrong caste, wrong creed, wrong language
Remember your place!
We never cross our lines, my friend.
Wrong class, wrong job, wrong side of the city
Do not presume our goodwill!
We have rules for everyone, my friend.
Wrong tribe, wrong gang, wrong loyalties
You are marked!
We have to protect our own, my friend.
Wrong border, wrong picket, wrong barricade
Say the password!
Sorry, we have our orders, my friend.

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