Memory, the tricks you play

What is with you,
Why do you play tricks with me?
All that period
Of struggle and strife –
I remember today
As a golden age;
A time when I, apparently,
Lived the life to the hilt;
Those days of uncertainty,
Of doubt and pining
Seem now as a journey
Full of music and fragrance-
Why, Memory, is it so?
Make up your mind,
Today when I am again
Lonely and confused
And doubt everything
And wish to escape it all –
Would you again
Dress up this period, later,
And present it to me
As one where I was
At the prime of my life
Brimming with health
Surrounded by love
Soaring high
Aiming higher?
As the time when, everyday,
I played with my little devil
And made up with my love
After a fight, with a kiss?
Would I remember
Only the gardens and the parks
And the morning walks
And the hills and the beaches
That we sometimes visit,
And the smiles of mom and dad
When they visit us
On Holi and Diwali and Christmas?
Make up your mind
Tell me if it is so.
Tell me straight
That all this worry
And struggle and pain
That I feel today
Is not going to matter
And needs not
Be taken seriously.

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