Rule of law

The law is clear –
There is a clear direction
In the country: the law –
(One of the great
Traditions given to us
By the colonial rulers,
And observed since
As an honored convention)
Says- ‘The more powerful
Can loot
The less powerful.’
Nothing can be simpler
To understand;
One wonders why
There is so much
In all places
Where there is rule of law
This law is observed
It is in the jungles
Or where the civilization has collapsed
That you find
The obnoxious spectacle
Of the poor looting the rich,
Of the exploited
Picking up the guns, and hiding
Dastardly behind the bushes,
To shoot at the powerful.
By undermining
The law of the land;
By questioning
The rightful authority;
By grabbing
What is not mandated to you
By those who decide;
By obstructing
The march of civilization –
When you are expected to side step
And let it march ahead
To wherever it is going;
By creating doubts
With your silly arguments
And fake stories
Of hunger and exploitation
And by your incessant whining
And by your not following
The simple law
That determines
Who exploits whom
And who is permitted
To loot whom –
By all these acts of deliberate defiance
Of the law of the land,
You lose our sympathy,
And justify
Whatever action
Is mandated for you
By those who decide.
Please remember-
It is in all our interests
To uphold the laws
Given to us
And adopted
Or created
By those who are mandated
To decide on these things
By us.

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