Love: Some key concepts

Love gone out of control
Is obsession;
Love gone stale
Is apathy;
Love poisoned
Is hate;
When love meets love, halfway,
It is bliss;
One sided love
Is worship;
Love without sacrifice
Is untested, unreliable;
The love of a child
Is demanding;
The love of a mother
Is absolute, unconditional;
The love of a father
Is understated, camouflaged, subtle.
Love of a brother
Is boisterous;
Love of a sister
Is fragrant, is delicate;
All love received, undeserved,
Is a blessing;
All love given, unconditionally,
Is a gift;
Love with a motive
Is lust;
Love when expressed
Is undermined;
Love if demanded
Is a sentence;
Love unexpressed but understood
Is pure, is true.
Love, when young,
Is eager, is anxious;
When love matures
It is patient, it is deep.
Love when defined
Is merely a word
But when experienced
It is life.

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