A proposal to my enemy

Let us do the easy things first
My friend.
Let’s go to the movies together
And to the cafe
For a cup of coffee
and forget for a while
Our ancient grievances.
Believe me it is not difficult,
To forget,
at least for a while.

In forgetting
we give ourselves a chance
to live, for once,
Free, without vitriol of hate,
Burning our insides.
And in forgetting there is a chance
That the wounds might heal,
And stop the oozing acid
That provokes, daily,
With its stench.

Let us do the easy things first
And not insist on apologies,
Or justice, or try to fix
all the wrongs at one go.
Let’s go to the pub
And break some laws, together;
Let’s barter some jokes
And discover
That they mean the same
In any language.

Let us let the children play
As one team, against the baddies
From another planets;
Let’s not tell them our stories-
Let them discover and decide,
Without our inherited prejudices,
The answers
To the more difficult questions
Like – who was wrong, and,
Who should say sorry first.


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