The Mall Girls

They line up outside the Malls
Before they open,
They are the last ones
To be chucked out;
They plan to spend their honeymoon,
Nay, their lives,
In the glittering environs
Of shopping arcades
For they are, unabashedly,
The Mall Girls.
They need a lot of dresses
And accessories to go with them,
They need some plastic money
And a nice designer bag;
It takes  care and planning
To be just right
When they are on the marble floor
Of the spanking urban oasis
Of modern life – for they are
The Mall Girls.
They lose their heart early in life
They bunk schools and college,
They forget their homes and kids
To be where their heart is;
Though they found their love
When young,
They remain loyal till the end
They pine to be with their love
Everyday, for they are
The Mall Girls.

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