A heartbreak

A heartbreak
though painful,
(something not to be wished
even for an enemy),
does have
some practical benefits.
Consider this:
The relief
of not having to guard
your heart against injury,
all the bloody time,
of not having to worry, constantly,
over rejection and betrayal –
is surely worth something.
The knowledge
that nothing worse can happen,
does lend
a degree of fortitude
and courage
that helps you face life-
or whatever is left of it.
A heartbreak
Will sap life out of you.
But that’s not such a bad thing.
As a ghost, you will,
(maybe for the first time)
see the world
in proper context.
A heartbreak is,
all said and done,
not the end of the world.
A broken heart will,
(if it does nothing else)
make you a man, a philosopher,
maybe, even a poet.

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