It’s Time to redraw the world

It will take time
to redraw the world
street by street;
it will be hard work
filling colors
in the wastelands
and the back alleys,
but it is possible.
It may take a life-time
to recreate the world
one brush-stroke at a time-
but it can be done.
The world needs music-
not the clanging
of chains and machines,
but the music of notes
beautifully arranged,
that can lull
our demons to sleep
and awaken the rainbows
and cause the clouds
to rain over parched lands
and color
the land green.
The world needs
a new philosophy
that loves colors and music.
It needs cartographers
who know the streets
that crisscross the heart
and can draw bridges
over chasms.
The world needs lovers
who believe in the world-
and itch to redraw
the world once again.

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