The ‘Cosmo’ dream

Get the perfect brow for your face
Flatten your belly, have the curves;
The hottest tips for the new season-
Get the glittering stones
And the perfect nose.
What else is there
What can be better,
Than a Cosmo dream.
Thousands of desires
In three hundred pages!
L’oreal, Garnier, Chanel,
Tissot, Swatch, Mango, Zara,
The pantheon, the touchstone.
Each desire carefully chiseled, carefully styled,
Each dream, worthy to die for-
That’s the package, that’s the promise.
How many, if any,
Can have the Cosmo look?
At what cost, the Cosmo life?
The Cosmo dream sells for a few dollars-
(It can be had for free on internet);
But the Cosmo life does not come cheap-
The merchants will mail the cost
Of the Cosmo look, on request.
Forget the tycoons,
And their mansions, and their yachts
That are featured lovingly here-
The Cosmo dream is meant for you.
The masthead does not say-
‘Cheat, steal, exploit.’ It does not tell
How to fund your dream;
It just says, ‘The best you can be.’
No crease, no wrinkles, no tears, no doubts,
Organic food for breakfast, with honey,
Holiday with the monks in Tibet,
Opera in the evening, in Rome
Choppers and Lamborghini
Mansion in the Alps, and New Zealand-
Would it not be plain silly,
Not to dream the Cosmo dream?

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2 responses to “The ‘Cosmo’ dream

  • razorbladeconfessions

    wow this is soooo true!! you look at a magazine and think people are supposed to look like that when in reality everyone is perfect in their own way.. you don’t need to be skinny or be with a smaller nose…It’s all about the money I get you 🙂

    • Abhishek

      Thanks. What is worse, razorbladeconfessions, is that while chasing these dreams, people do things that make them devilish, not divine. In that sense these dreams do not remain a personal choice – it impacts their decisions, their morality and the way they treat each other.

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