The plagues of…

Doomsday procedure began yesterday.
No one noticed.
Terror attacks, poison gas leaks,
Freak weather storms, plane crashes,
Pestilence and disease-
Everything happened.
It was just like any other day.
Man has become a cockroach.
That is a good thing.
They can live in filth, tolerate a lot of poison;
They are immune to the sufferings
Of fellow men.
Plagues of Biblical proportions
Does not worry them any more.
Even those who died
Did not notice.
Living in hell, all their lives
There was little noteworthy change
In circumstances.
The strange faces of new neighbours
Was not even noticed.
The issue of burning earth
Was debated at the UN.
When the AC of the General Assembly failed
The leaders shook their heads in disgust.
The rich nations said it was not their cars,
But the rice fields of the poor,
That was at the root of all trouble.
The doomsday procedure
Did affect traffic in many cities.
The burning roads, the lightning strikes
Was intolerable enough- the failed traffic light
Made many reach the offices late. They honked
At those who ran on the roads, burning, naked.

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