Love: Fresh enquiry into an old subject

I asked my friends the old question –
What is love?
I had asked, just to pass
A summer afternoon.
I present the results
Without naming names.
‘The searing pain in the chest
Is love.’
‘The bitter-sweet urge for revenge
To choke someone in an embrace
Is love.’
‘The feeling of drowning
And the need to hold on tight,
Is love.’
‘The obsession. The desire for more
And more, of the same,
Is love.’
‘The fear of loving, the panic,
Is love.’
‘The doubt that this might be love
Is love.’
‘The taste of butterscotch with honey
Is love.’
‘The hallucination of being at the centre of the universe
Is love.’
‘The possessiveness, the selfishness
Is love.’
‘The madness, the self-less-ness
Is love.’
‘The illusion of love
Is love.’
‘The promise of love
Is love.’
I seriously doubt
The sanity of my friends.
I think I have to search further afield
To know the answer to the old riddle-
‘What is love?’

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