Doomsday scenario: The plotters

An update. One, not two, gentleman from Peru (Incan agent, as we know) snooped around my blog today. Again.

(Refer to the two earlier blogs for understanding the antics of the Incans here: (

and here:


A new line of thought struck me today (these things happen to me, you know, when I am in the mood) – doomsday might be a myth, deliberately floated by vested interests. Don’t be shocked, it is a possibility. Let me explain.

Investigating a criminal conspiracy, what would be the first question that Sherlock Holmes would ask Dr Watson? ‘Who benefits?’ What we should ask is – who started the rumor, and who benefits now.

As we know the Mayan made their Long Count calendar to end on 21st December 2012. They then went out of the way to leak the calendar. Moreover, they never denied the fact that they were imputing an end of the world when their calendar ends. Their flimsy alibi is – that their civilization is extinct, and that absolves them of all responsibility. Again, as we have proven in our last few blogs, their neighbours, the Incans are deeply interested in the issue.

But there is another set of suspects, who work the internet and have promoted the theory – the same set who took the senior George Bush seriously, when he said that Saddam Hussain has Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is surprising that this fact is not being noticed seriously by the world.

Try to connect the dots, as Steve Jobs had advised us to. Mayas. Incas. George Bush. Texas. Mexico. Oil fields. Saudi Oil Tycoons. Osama.

Ah ha, the plot thickens, as Sherlock Holmes would have said.

Back to the fundamental question – who benefits.

Incas and he Mayans do, no doubt. It has worked as a great publicity tool for their tourist office – tickets to Manchu Picchu are selling at three times the rates that were prevalent last year.

But their gains are peanuts, compared to what the oil magnets would rake in, if the people all start believing the rot, and take long leaves and go on long vacations in their oil guzzling SUVs.

And then, there are the terrorist bosses. Doomsday would be a perfect alibi for them to play around with fireworks. Nobody would suspect them – all the blame would go to the poor good-guys, the Gods.

But the most influential group in the world would benefit the most – yes, I am talking about the stock market guys. These smart-alecks would be on the ‘buy, buy, buy’ mode, when the panicked world would be selling stocks. Post December 21st, 2012, they would be in spits, as people would sheepishly call their brokers and ask them to re-invest.

I do not think there is a single master-mind behind the plot. In our world such things happen – vested interests are shrewd, they know how to work on the emotions of the people. We can defeat them yet. By not taking the doomsday seriously; by not going on long holidays on gas-guzzling cars; by not selling your stocks; and by not reading blogs on doomsday.

Umm. Wait. I think you can leave that last one out.



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