Let them stone Gandhi

The hatred for Gandhi is brimming,
once again. But,
where will they find Gandhi
to stone him?
Let them form a society
to stone Gandhi, or his legacy,
and begin thus:
How dare he tell us
to clean our toilets?
The man is a humiliation.
He sets such a bad example.
He spreads canards
about our great nation-
is poverty
our only reality?
We are of an ancient culture-
proud, undefeated in spirit.
Does he not remember
the Vedas, the empires
Hunger, caste, naked urchins-
can he not see beyond this?
He rants of religious harmony
ignoring that injustices were done.
Sensationalizing the plight
of the widows,
and of untouchables
and what not – bah!
Imperialist stooge!
Is he trying to unnerve us?
Humiliate us,
undermine our manliness,
sap our will to rise
once again?
Gandhi had heard all this
and would hear it again
if he bothers.
But he does bother those
who dream the American dream,
and wish to tell their American friends
about our great nation.
He bothers those in smart suits
who roll up the windows of their BMWs
when the urchins press their noses
against the glass.
His legacy worries those
who write great columns
on how the nation is forging ahead
on how to act like a superpower
on how to check slum-tourism
on how brain drain is great
on how it is imperative
to invite the top pastry makers
to invest
in our great nation.
Why does he pop up
like bad conscience
at wrong times?
Let them make a society
to stone Gandhi.
It is long overdue.

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4 responses to “Let them stone Gandhi

  • V.B. Arora

    I am overwhelmed! This one is stunning! It may sound rhetoric to those who dream America but it is a grim reminder to shake you out of slumber.

  • Anonymous

    You are likely to trigger of a storm by using Gandhi’s words to strengthen your satirical comments on today’s India. Globalisation and liberalisation are today’s mantras for growth and those who are left behind are considered to be collateral damage in the process. The nation is shifting to a knowledge driven economy where the skilled are getting lucrative jobs with huge pay packets while the unskilled are left struggling to meet their day to day needs. As the economic divide between the rich and the poor increases, it is actually creating a social time bomb ticking towards a clash between the haves and have nots

    • Abhishek

      Well said. I think this comment may have been from Senthil, but I have no way of knowing. Request from non-wordpress visitors- please leave your name in the message. Thanks for the comment.

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