Doomsday scenario: Curiouser and curiouser

Two Peruvian, probably Inca, gentlemen visited my blog today. Again.

Those of you, who have read my earlier post on the subject, will get goose-pimples reading this. Others can know the history of the mysterious goings-on by reading my earlier blog entry titled Doomsday scenario: The plot thickens here: (

This re-appearance of the Peruvian duo clearly establishes that, a) they are snooping, b) like FBI agents, they hunt in pairs, and c) they are not up to any good.

I have my reasons to believe that their intentions are not entirely above-board. First, this cloak and dagger secrecy. They have not yet announced their presence, or commented or left any identification. Second, they are pretty focused on what they are after. They are not randomly reading poetry and humour. They know what they are looking for. And, I fear, they do not like what they read.

I may be in big time trouble, if the Incas feel that I have somehow scented their secret. That I have no clue, is not something they know, or are likely to believe – that is an inherent problem with these FBI-Inca-types. Once they start suspecting an innocent of mischief, their egos would never let them admit that they were barking up the wrong tree (not barking, ‘staring at’ would be a more appropriate phrase here, but ‘a dog staring up the tree’ does sound a trifle useless sort of a dog.)

Anyway, back to the problem at hand- viz. what are the Incas up to.

As I said earlier there could be any number of theories, but if you eliminate all the improbable ones, the possible scenario that emerges is this: they are up to something.

I know that is a bit weak and non-conclusive, as far as accusations go, but remember, we are up against ancient master-strategists with super-natural powers.

Tintin would have rushed to Peru, in such a situation, and rightly so. That great reporter is not famous for nothing. His feet took him where his conscience led him to – remember Tintin in Tibet, where he disregarded the advice of Captain Haddock and went searching for Chang, and ultimately found him? I know I should do the same, but then, I am no reporter (no, that is untrue, I actually am, now). I mean not that adventurous type reporter who puts his head on the block and unravels mysteries – I am the type who interviews people and take them at their face value, accurately reporting what they said.

Then again, my organization is unlikely to fund my trip to Peru, or even agree to a long leave. Another hitch that I see in the plan to set sail for Peru is ‘she-who-must-be-obeyed’.

You may not have noticed, but Tintin, Captain Haddock and Calculus were not married. I did notice that fact, but not early enough in my life.

Then again, I have this kid, who is also named Tintin – if he gets a whiff of any plan to go to Peru for an adventure, he is likely to insist on accompanying me. Remember that movie ‘Up’? Remember how troublesome that kid was, the one who accidently accompanied the old man on his trip to Venezuela? It would definitely be a bad idea to take the kid on this adventure.

But I think I am digressing from the main point, which is, what are the Incas up to, and how to untangle facts from fiction?

As of now, I propose that we sit quiet, and wait and watch – something in the manner of Jim Corbett, who used to sit quietly on machans during the long nights in the Jungles of Kumaon, for the cunning man-eater to reveal itself. Going by that logic, I think we would need someone as a bait. Any volunteers?


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