A mom’s disbelief

I can scarcely believe
that my whiff of a girl
has actually managed to get
her head full of trigonometry,
and organic chemistry,
and bosons,
and what-not,
and is in college!!
No! Don’t tell me
that this young twit,
who would die of hunger
if she is not fed
from time to time
and needs to be put to sleep
and cannot wake up on her own
is in college!!
There is nothing common
between her and the boorish gangsters
who masquerade as kids
the ones that I see at the college gates
smoking and scratching.
Surely, she does not belong
to that rowdy world
just because she has managed
to get into college?
Time stood still for me, and for her,
since the day when I first saw her
look trustingly in my eyes.
It is hard to believe
that we need to catch up
with the missing years
just because she has managed
to get into college?
It all seemed like a doll’s game
when she sat with her fat books
and drank milk and cocoa.
Don’t say it is time for her to know,
that there are shades
other than pink, and that the world
is not really as it seems,
just because she is in college.
I will yet stop the clock
I will still be her cloak.
I know my role is not over
I know this frail fool
needs me still.
There is no need to panic
just because she has managed
to get into college!!

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