The Solstice

This time the solstice
has nothing to do with the Sun.
The Sun is remote, aloof,
majestic, unconcerned.
pray for the frail order,
to which you are yoked.
A balanced earth
no more instills confidence;
soon, too soon,
will it lose its balance,
its sanity, its equilibrium,
But on which side of the scale will it tilt?
Towards cold anonymity or burning hell?
Enjoy every moment. Enjoy,
this moment of solstice –
though it is temporary,
borrowed from time,
an accident, a freak.
Pray, on this day, that the eyes close
before the solstice is over,
before the fragile balance is lost,
before the mirages of beauty
and love and goodness
make a faint cracking sound
and break the heart,
and disappear.

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4 responses to “The Solstice

  • V.B. Arora

    Was checking my mail and saw Link to your new post. Lovely and poignant this is! You do not normally use nature’s props so predominantly – but here Sun and Earth have been beautifully intertwined. Is this the Rio effect? (See the stanza “A balanced earth no more instills confidence….” ) ! 🙂 On the whole, very good poem!

    • Abhishek

      Spot on. Rio is just one of the imbalances…I have deliberately avoided speaking about man, since I have subsumed him here as part of the fragile order, while the soul is the ‘eyes’ which loves all that is beautiful. Thanks for the comment, for it gives a faint hope that one is being understood 🙂

  • razorbladeconfessions

    wow!!! great expression!! love the way you use words 🙂

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