Direct your rage, against Him

God hates love-
Love for self
Love for beauty
Love for life
Love for love – 
Anything, that is not Love for Him,
Will not be tolerated
For long.
Direct your rage,
(If you do not have love)
Against Him. That –
He won’t mind.

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One response to “Direct your rage, against Him

  • treegestalt

    Love for self, beauty, life and love isn’t love for Him? How very odd…

    I will invite thee to a feast;
    do not admire the lovely
    dining hall, the silverware
    or the women serving.
    Do not eat the roast.
    The water
    is there to set off
    the tint of the glasses.
    Don’t look!
    All these
    I have created for thee;
    (I hated every minute of it!)
    Thou shalt not
    say ‘Whee!’

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