Doomsday scenario: The plot thickens

ImageThe readership map on my wordpress blog shows that two people from Peru have read my blog today. My kid suspects that it could be the Incas. Since I take the words of my kid seriously (as all parental guides tell you to), I started to wonder why the Incas are be snooping on me.

I have a fascination for Peru, and the Incas, mainly because of the Tintin comic that I read in my infancy, and have re-read hundreds of times since. For me Peru without the Incas is meaningless. Though I have never visited, and am unlikely to visit, that heavenly country in my life, I am pretty sure that Incas still inhabit and control the nation, cunningly and secretly.

(A word to the disbelievers – an aside, as it were. I have an implicit faith in Tintin. Did he not predict a moonwalk, did he not predict ice on moon, color television, Latin American overthrow of the regime of Alcazar…umm, wait, I think that part was fiction. Anyway, his words on world affairs have always been spot on. In one of the books, we see intelligent beings visiting earth on UFOs. Now you may laugh at the idea, but many a suicide cult people, intelligent people for all I know, are ready to put their lives on the line on this one. The point is this: you can’t shake a finger at what Tintin says, ok.)

Anyway, knowing Incas I realize they can get pretty nasty if you meddle with their Sun God or the high chief of the temple of the Sun. I thought over the matter deeply, and re-read all my poems in which Sun is mentioned. It was with relief that I noted that, knowingly or otherwise, I have not written anything that might hurt the sensitivities of the Inca brotherhood.

Moreover, knowing Incas, as I do, it is of no use suggesting that they may be merely passing time, surfing the net. The Incas have no time for frivolities – their hands are full with their elaborate rituals, guarding their immense treasures and keeping an eye on people who meddle in their affairs.

Then I remembered that in one of my earlier articles I had mentioned something about the Mayan calendar. Remember, the Mayans and the Incas were neighbors. Hmmm. The plot thickens.

The Mayan calendar, which many do not take seriously, ends in December this year, and this has led many to wonder whether doomsday is neigh.

It is not my case that the doomsday is necessarily around the corner. You never know – the silly archaeologist guys may have missed the next issue of Mayan calendar (the one with risqué photos of pretty Mayan girls in skimpy outfits), and the Incas may be discreetly trying to alert us to our errors. There could be any number of simple explanations.

I would keep an eye on Incan activities in the next few months, and keep you posted, if there is an update. Do keep in touch.




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