Exulting over fire and the spear
Man invented the walls,
Maybe to protect or prop up the roof,
But then came the locks and the hinges
And the prisons and the guards.
At last came the windows
And the welcome mat,
And that is where we stand.
The walls are very useful for putting up
The stuffed heads of slain enemies;
For making brothers into neighbors,
And lands into nations
And people into enemies;
And for showing the Moon our grandeur –
(But what the wall-less Moon thinks
Of our great walls, is a mystery.)
Decorate the walls with beautiful sceneries,
Sceneries that the walls are meant to hide
Decorate them with little windows and iron grills
And with calendars and clocks
To remind us of our mortality;
And do put up huge mirrors
To help us forget
What lies beyond.
Scale or climb or break the walls
To meet your love or freedom;
Invent more ladders and hammers
Or dynamite them and blow them away,
Or better still, invent a world free of walls;
And, at the very least,
Stop building the walls that you are raising
Within your hearts.

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