The bud

I saw a bud today,
A pink bud, with red edges,
With dew drops clinging to it
The way babies cling to their mothers.
The soft spray rains
And the cool breeze after a long summer
May have crazed me a bit, but I swear,
It was the prettiest sight I have seen.
My mind rushed to get the camera –
Such beauty must not be wasted.
But then, I thought, what camera can capture,
The intoxicating fragrance, the charm of the woods.
A poem would better convey
The pure joy of the moment.
I searched for the right words-
Words that are fresh and young and guileless.
But there are no words for
A pink that is not pink, nor reddish;
There can be no sane expression that says-
‘The bud looked innocent and happy.’
Leave the bud alone,
I told myself with a sigh; feel blessed
That you have the soul, at least,
That can hear the twitter of a bud.

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6 responses to “The bud

  • Sharmishtha Basu

    fabulous poem and fabulous picture. i will have to admit that the pic caught first attention but the poem is even more beautiful.

  • senthil

    Somebody said a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case you have tried to bring alive the picture perfect moment in a few hundred and i must say that it is near perfect, for even if we put all human creativity together it will still not match up to the Master Creator-Nature
    Seeing your flood of poetry in the last few months it seems you have fallen deep in love with Life and …….

    • Abhishek

      Hi senthil. Thanks. Was probably in love with life and… for a long time, but thanks to the blog got an outlet to express. But must confess, i too am surprised that writer’s block has not hit so far. This run of good luck cant last 🙂

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