Would someone please set the temperature right?

The heat of the melting tar on the road,
The heat of the angry sun,
The heat of the obnoxious fumes
Of modern cities,
The heat of frustrations
Accumulated by solitary living
In one-two-three room cells,
The heat of over-heated egos –
Heated by being tossed too frequently
Between success and failure,
The heat of anger and hatred and greed and lust –
The meltdown is upon us.
The shivering cold soul left to die alone,
The silvery cold moon ignored and forgotten,
And your cold stares
Not of hatred, but of indifference,
And the cold dark lonely corners
Of the modern plush apartments,
And the cold logic of success,
And the cold calculations of selfishness,
And the absence-of-warmth cold
Of acquaintances,
The death-wish, corpse-cold hopelessness
Of the everlasting night is upon us.
Would someone please
Set the temperature right
Once again, with a smile,
With a kiss,
With a song,
With a meaningless gesture
Of recognition?

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