Modern Parables-2: Fox and the lioness

The hungry fox knew he would have to convince the lion to hunt. But the lazy lion would have none of it – he was not hungry enough.

The fox went to the lion’s den and asked Mrs Lion how she was doing.

‘Fine,’ said the lady, for lionesses are grumpy by nature.

‘A crocodile bag would suit you fine, my lady, this season they are all the rage,’ he said.

The lioness gave him a stare for she knew it was so.

‘A fine croc is sleeping by the river, and if sir would come, I could lead him up to the fine creature,’ offered the fox.

‘Huh. As if you could make that old fool work,’ grumbled the lioness, knowing it was tricky to hunt a croc.

‘Hmm, that is so. Pity the muddy-green would suit your brown. I heard there are some good bags to be had at the mall,’ he suggested after a thought.

‘Ok,’ said the lioness, after giving the matter some thought. ‘Come along, we will have something to eat on the way. Just give me a minute,’ and went inside the cave with her hairbrush.

Moral: There are alternate paths to reach a destination.


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