Modern Parables-1: The elections

The annual election for the Presidency was around the corner and the incumbent, Mr Lion was in a bit of a bother. His ratings were rock-bottom. His speech on protecting the jungle from the outsiders was booed – the ‘foreign hand’ bogey was not working this time.

The fox had propped up Mr Monkey in a straight contest. Monkey’s plank of better internal security and law and order had hit the popular mood.

Lion decided to have a word with the fox.

‘You have shifted your loyalties, foxy,’ observed the lion coldly when they met one night.

‘Umm no. I believe in the need for a better deal for the animals…’ said the fox, but was cut short.

‘Cut the crap,’ snarled the lion, ‘what do you want, name your price.’

The fox thought for a while. ‘I am all for development. If you could just stay off the north of the country, the humans can mine the area for coal and uranium. They offer a good deal.’

The lion asked for details, and the more he heard about it, the more he liked it.

Soon the fox switched sides; the lion got a new manifesto printed, promising economic development.

In a close contest, the lion won another term in office. The northern parts of the country were made out-of-bounds for the animals. They were told big projects need long gestation periods, and that some sacrifices have to be made for a better future.

Moral (If there is any left): Dreams work well with democracy.


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