I feel pretty stupid, writing poetry

I feel pretty stupid
Writing poetry, and not,
Let us say, investing in stocks.
The poetry shall never
Be listed; it will not
Rise and fall or become
Gilt or junk. It will not
Be auctioned at Sotheby’s
And shall not be coveted
By the rich, or hidden in the vault
Of an unknown Japanese oligarch.
I feel pretty stupid
Writing poetry, that no one reads.
I have given up efforts
To waylay friends, and read to them
My ‘latest’. I realize, if I persist
I stand a good chance of losing
The few friends I have. However,
I secretly plan to assault
The unsuspecting world
With a printed version
Of my muse. Some day.
I feel pretty stupid
Writing poetry, that does not inspire,
Or wake passions, or praise
The worthy, and raise the ideal,
One notch up. (I lost my belief
In passions and ideals long back.)
Catching moments in their off-color mood,
Invoking the despair of the soul,
Or sighing over words unsaid-
My poetry shall do little for mankind-
It is unlikely to go places.
I feel pretty stupid,
But I still write poetry.
The words, when they come,
Tumbling out, pour surprise upon surprise
And look innocent and confused
Or play the fool,
Or act like grown-ups-
I cannot but love them.
I hug the words,
Though I feel stupid,
And laugh and cry with them.

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8 responses to “I feel pretty stupid, writing poetry

  • Dhiraj

    whenever I will feel the urge to stop. I will read this and will continue. Thank you for a very beautiful poetry. “Catching moments in their off-color mood,
    Invoking the despair of the soul,
    Or sighing over words unsaid-“

  • jessicamarie19

    I rarely like poetry about poetry (and I feel justified to say that, as I have written plenty of it myself) but I like the honesty of this one.

    • Abhishek

      Thanks Jessica. I too felt that it would come out either phoney or sugary. But, judging by your comment, perhaps the tone has come out ok. Do keep visiting 🙂

  • Anonymous

    True, poetry is poetry because much of it is involuntary.

  • V.B. Arora

    I think, you write a lot on ‘writing’ or ‘poetry’ – and I remember this, it means, these poems are really good – I still remember, in one of my earlier comments, I had mentioned about a poem ‘Geet Farosh” and perhaps you also referred to another poem (not yours) on poetry. In a certain way, I like these poems a lot and am ready to overlook their weaknesses (if any) as I find such poems more spontaneous.

    • Abhishek

      Another influence of Urdu poetry. The poet is often very self conscious. In the modern English poetry too I notice the constant need to focus on the ‘process’ of writing, and the doubt that this process inhibits the actual capturing of the mood. Thanks for the well considered comments.

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