A morning in the garden

The sound of the twinkling stars,
Just before they disappear
Behind the blue blanket
Thrown over the sky by the sun,
Ushers the morning in.
The smell of the morning dew,
On the grass, brings back memories
Long forgotten, of times
When we were hardly taller
Than the grass.
As the music glides by, languidly,
Some notes get stuck
To the branches
Of the old oak tree,
Like snowflakes.
The white duck in the pond
Is surprised
By a small cloud of music –
It changes its direction, fluidly,
Like a ballerina.
The colors splashed
All over the sky
By the careless sun,
Smear the clouds
With orange and red.
The playful mood
Of the morning lasts
Till it is time
To get down to settle
The serious business of the day.

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