The fake universe

This universe must be a fake.
Its vastness, its largeness,
Its infinity-ness,
Its eternity-ness,
Its wastefulness
Its meaninglessness,
Its senselessness,
Its remoteness, its aloofness,
Its mysteriousness,
Its lack of bloisterousness,
Its life-less-ness
Its sullen quietness,
Its entire God-less-ness
Must be a fake.
Or else, we must be fake.
Our values, our love,
Our hates, our desires,
Our Gods,
Our twinkling stars,
Our days and nights,
Our bird songs,
Our fragile green earth,
Our solitary moon,
Our tides, our seasons,
Our lives, our deaths
Our dreams, our songs, our tears –
They do not gel well
With the rest of the universe.
Something, clearly, is amiss.
It would be plain silly
To believe in all of it.
Let us rather wait,
And hold our judgment
Till we are awake
And know what is real,
And what was fake.

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