A reformed poet

I have decided to make my poems more poetic,
And hence you will now find them less didactic.
I shall not care for the harsh word of the critic,
Or the sly grin, the underhand compliment of the cynic.
Thus, for example, when I see a madman I will call him a mystic
And ask him about the mysteries of the life, both worldly and cosmic;
And I shall report back all his abuses, and other words cryptic
And shall convince you to follow him, with the faith of a fanatic.
I shall not draw your attention to all that is rotten and sick
But will move with the powerful, and call their fortune karmic.
I shall sing of their greatness, and will get a mighty kick
When awards start raining on me, fast and thick.

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I will let the blog speak for itself...or, at times, for me. View all posts by Abhishek

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