The wayward poem

I dropped my poem on the road today,
But thankfully found it safe.
I found it having a high time
With a seedy crowd
Eating ice-cream.
The other day it had lost its way
And when it did return,
Hours later, it was with
Three urchins, a beggar,
And a dog.
All the schooling has been a waste;
It just refuses to learn –
That a respectable poem
Ought to know some meter
Some rhyme, some music.

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5 responses to “The wayward poem

  • alaisfairlight

    wonderful! i have many wayward poems:)

  • Onkar Kedia

    True, poems are losing focus on essence. There is overemphasis on form. Well-written.

  • V.B. Arora

    Read all your June poems – all are lovely! And of numerous shades!! “How to cheat life, for sometime” is amongst the better ones. “A sort of love poem” is also good. “Oh Lord, Bless my people” is somewhat rhetorical but rhetoric may always seep in if we write anything concerning people/politics/religion/community! Also noticed that you are likely to complete the century of poems. Hope by next weekend, we will see the 100th poem on this Blog.

    • Abhishek

      Thanks Aroraji for being so steadfast. I hope that I could say something new with each new poem. I am enjoying the phase till it lasts. At least I will have something to read in my old age, something that I would not have to buy, something which would sound so strange that I would wonder, ‘did I really write that?’

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