The dissenter

He is in opposition, in perpetuity.
He rages against the inequalities,
Against the ‘system’,
The phoney heroes,
The pseudo intellectuals,
The Godmen, the frauds,
The insensitive rich, the snobs-
Against virtually the entire humanity,
Including himself.
He is wired wrong. He seems
Programmed to see the chinks
The fault-lines, the conspiracies;
He has an eye for the masks,
Wanting, always, to tear them off,
And on the sugary-sweet promises
Of the dream merchants,
And on the hypocrisies
That need to be exposed.
His problem is perfection.
His soul aches for beauty, balance,
Where none exists.
He reads Plato
And wants his Philosopher kings,
And his romances, and looks
At his lover with a mild rebuke,
And his Gita, and berates himself,
And his weaknesses.
But he is fortunate. Others are not
As demanding of him.
They tolerate
His desire for goodness;
They indulge
His fanciful ideas on harmony,
On humility and what-not.
He knows not how fortunate he is
That no one takes him seriously.

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