How to cheat life, for sometime

Hide in the blankets
With your lover, and pretend
That life does not exist. Believe
Only in the songs – for songs
Do not worry about life.
Live in exile, for there shall be
No home, no destination.
You can, however, escape to success-
That shall soothe, for sometime
And make you forget.
Smile, for that is the only cure
For the pains of life.
It lessens the pain somewhat
And cheats the soul
Of the agony it desires.
Love, while you can,
For it too shall not last.
The evil eye of the world
And life’s revenge
Shall soon catch up.
Cry, if you must,
But do so quietly,
Well hidden from the eyes
Of the world, but don’t let
The smile leave your lips.
Play with the kids,
(The smaller the better)
For they cannot see
The hidden tears, the graying hairs,
Or hear the ticking of time.

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