I wish we had not…

I wish the keyboard, the pen
Did not produce
The tap-tap-tap,
The scribble-scribble-scribble-
It irritates them so.
I wish we had stuck
To our hoes, our axes
Our account-books,
And not dabbled in ink-
It smears the hands so.
I wish we had lacked imagination
And not called them parasites
(They don’t like being called names)
And not drew their cartoons
Or wrote poems about them.
I wish we had left them alone
In their palaces, with their halos,
(Especially their halos); they love
Their spotless white clothes
And their halos and crowns.
I wish we had stayed in the town
Anonymous, with the crowds, where
All their spies and their cops
Wait for you to go out
Into the countryside.
I wish we had stuck
To each other, and had not let
Their foolish words disturb
Our lovemaking; and had more sense
Than to let the pen seduce us.
I wish somebody had told us
That the Pharohs, the Tsars, the kings,
The democrats, the Me’Lords work hard,
That they do not like to be disturbed
By our tap-tap, our scribble-scribble.

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